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I help entrepreneurs optimize their health and melt away that computer belly whilst improving energy, focus, and profits. Creating a routine one step at a time from their current situation without any overwhelm.

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I was able to get up earlier, work longer and dropped 20lb of ugly body fat lickety split Doberman Dan

You have changed my life. Since I started working with Ollie 2 months ago I have lost 15lbs Ron Reich


Nutrition for YOU, Your needs, Your Goals, Your schedule.


Training to meet the time constraints specific to your daily routine.

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Full accountability to guarantee your success within 90 days.
Customer Testimonials

“I realized my health is essential to keep going as an entrepreneur. Reaching out to Ollie Matthews was one of the most important things I did at that time.

I was able to get up earlier, work longer and drop 20lb of ugly body fat lickety split”

Doberman Dan

“Like an angel out of the sky I met Ollie and he’s designed a plan customized to what works for me as an entrepreneur, getting my work done, growing my business and getting in shape.

You have changed my life

Ron Reich

Ron Reich Before and after

“Since I started working with Ollie and getting our accountability going I have had the highest direct response sales revenue in the history of my business”

Ryan McKenzie

The Truth Hurts

‘Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment. Would you capture it, or just let it slip?’

Eminem said that way back in 2002 and to be honest back then life was so good. It was so easy to stay in shape there were no worries, family to take care of businesses to run but now. Wow, life has changed a hell of a lot. Some days the joints feel like they want to stay in bed other days the brain wants to stay in bed with the joints taking the dogs for a walk. That dreaded sound.

‘eeeh, eeeeh, eeeh, eeeh’

The slap of the sleep button.

‘eeeh, eeeh, eeeh, eeeh’

It’s time to get up but you really want to throw the duvet back over your head and drift back into that dream you were having running down the wing on cup final day at Wembley, 100% fitness in the prime of your life without the spare tyre fit for the latest hybrid SUV stuck around your waist.

Jump up, the first part is the worst, that pissing mirror you have to walk past that hides nothing. Summer is the worst time as you don’t even wear your pj’s it is straight up boxers (with the hems rolled over thanks to the muffin top sitting above them) this is real life, you’ve let it slip prioritizing the things that most men pride themselves on.

Revitalization In 90 Days

The Complete Breakdown

Weekly accountability calls
Weekly nutrition plan – for home AND for on the road at your hotel
Daily 60 seconds tracking document
Full planning regardless of schedule – calling ahead to find out hotel gym and dining availability
Visit from Ollie in first 3 months (VIP package only – accommodation to be provided)
Daily WhatsApp contact for accountability
Full shopping lists
Guaranteed results

*Working hours unless previously discussed.

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