About Ollie Matthews

Your future coach.

Ollie has lived the life if anyone is practising what he preached then this is the guy.

Where do we start?

In the beginning Ollie lost his father, a traumatic time led to extensive emotional eating making the weight shoot up to 250lbs and more, it was then where Ollie was working in a corporate job and when being a ‘successful guy’ was mentioned this was the furthest anyone could possibly be – low confidence, high body fat, no sales skills, no morale.

When having sex and not wanting to take his top off it finally hit him, he needed to do something about it and got a membership at the gym, invested in his own personal trainer (who coincidently Ollie now mentors himself), this was the start of a massive chapter.

Ollie left the corporate world to add fitness as his job and swiftly dropped nearly 100lbs in 12 months to step onto a bodybuilding stage, it was here that learning about nutrition became vital, everything that could be taken on board was taken on board, every hack, every secret, every method was tried to find out what was best to drop weight and put on muscle. This had a dramatic impact on Ollie’s life after 4 years doing this full time he was offered a position back in his previous job and how times had changed.

Within 6 months of accepting the job Ollie was the top sales guy in the company, this self-confident, powerful and driven individual could not be recognised when compared to his former self, fitness had literally laid the path to be the successful guy everyone was talking about within the company, this was great and it led to Ollie becoming a manager leading over 30 people at any one time.

This wasn’t enough, Ollie had found his passion with his time in the fitness industry and this made him hungry, he was Revitalized and had unfinished business after helping multiple people online he decided to take the leap and go back full time with this new attitude.

Ollie has now worked with people all over the world and having been brought up in a family full of endurance athletes actually became ‘that guy’ for nutrition in endurance working with Olympic athletes, world champion triathletes and even Tour De France riders whilst training personally in both strength and endurance himself knowing the importance of constant self development in all areas.

It was when looking back on the story of his father passing away before his time that he realized his calling. You see, his father was only trying to provide for his family, working his ass off and financial he was definitely providing but what was missing was the focus on his health, at 47 years old Trevor Matthews passed away suffering a stroke which, with a little more focus on both stress management and health from the inside out could potentially have been prevented.

Not focusing on health stopped Ollie’s father from seeing massive events in his life – both Ollie and his sister’s wedding days, granddaughter being born, graduations and even just literally going for a drive on a Sunday afternoon to watch the game.

The Revitalized Blueprint is who Ollie is, it is who Ollie’s clients are and the development of The Revitalized Blueprint: Intensive has literally changed the game, there is nothing else more important than yourself, this is why, as mentioned at the start, Ollie is the guy who practices what he preaches.